Inactivate Terms

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could mark a term inactive?

As the business changes, new terms get added and old terms are retired. Currently we add ‘zINACTIVE -’ as a preface to the retired terms to drive it to the bottom of the list… Ideally it would not appear at all if we could check them as inactive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could mark _______ inactive?

* PartClass, ProdGroup, Term, ShipVia, GLControl, etc....


@ckrusen - Yes!!! Add it to the list :slight_smile: I edited the title…

I’ve added a UD field “AllowUse_c” to most of those tables. Then filter in a customization, or a BPM.

Ideally Epicor’s implementation would include checking for potential issues. Like if you were to make a terms Inactive, while there are open PO’s or orders that use that terms.

A big YES!!! this would be pretty nice. It seems so silly to have to write BPMs like we do today to limit what reason codes should be shown in drop down list - add z in front of contacts and ship vias to move to the bottom on the list etc.

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This is a no-brainer. YES. Inactive could just mean don’t show it as a selection anymore going forward, nothing more, nothing less.


Exactly - Keep it simple so Epicor can implement it. In the meantime, I’ll look into Calvin’s solution.

It’d be interesting to come up with a list of work-arounds that we all do (so Epicor can implement those). Remember back when we were all new to Epicor, and we said “why doesn’t it do that?!!” and the answer was “so what, customize it yourself to do it” and we did… (aka why doesn’t creating an order from a quote or a PO from a suggestion pop up the order/PO screen since you ALWAYS need to go there…). That’s a different discussion…

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