Included field in RDD not showing in XML

I’m making a new Stock Status Report, that is just adding the Part.ShortChar01 field. But it doesn’t show in the XML

Here’s what I’ve done

  1. Opened RDD StkStatus and saved it as StkStat1
  2. Created a new Stock Status Report style, and set the Data Def to StkStat1
  3. Launched the Stock Status report, selected the new style, and selected print preview.
  4. Open the StockStatus.rpt in CR, and save as StkStat1.rpt
  5. Do the usual Database\Set Data Source Location, browse to newly created XML, stuff…
  6. Add The field Part.ShortChar01 to the report

Everything goes as expected - the Par.ShortChar01 shows in CR"s Field Explorer pane.
Except when I preview the report, the ShortChar01 field is blank for every part record.

I opened the XML file with text editor, and found a Part record that I know has has a value in ShortChar01, but the tag for ShortChar01 doesn’t even appear

> <Part>
>   <RptLanguageID>ENU</RptLanguageID>
>   <ClassID>CABL</ClassID>
>   <Company>MC</Company>
>   <CostMethod>A</CostMethod>
>   <IUM>FT</IUM>
>   <Method>false</Method>
>   <MtlBurRate>0</MtlBurRate>
>   <NonStock>false</NonStock>
>   <PartDescription>Cable- HMWPE #8 AWG MATCOR brand</PartDescription>
>   <PartNum>XCHM#8</PartNum>
>   <TypeCode>P</TypeCode>
> </Part>

A search for “ShortChar01” in the XML file only shows it to appear in <XS:sequence> and the <RptLabels> sections.


Never mind. I realized I asked this about 6 months ago, and was informed that there’s a bug in StkStatus RDD, and that it wasn’t me.

Here’s the reply I got before (back in Yahoo)

You may be out of luck. Vantage had a bug where user defined fields added to the Stock Status RDD aren’t displayed in the xml. It’s SCR 79700 (“targeted to be fixed in 8.03.411”…ha ha ha!) I have no idea if they have a one-off available for that or not; we’re on 9.05.701.


You could add an odbc connection to work around that, that’s the simplest way.

Alternatively there are some advanced ways to intercept the report generation in 9 and manipulate the XML prior to generation.