Incomplete Part Description Contains search

I’m having trouble in my production system with incomplete results in the part search when using the “Where Part Description Contains” search. When I search in my production system for ‘grizzly cup’ I get a total of 43 results. This is significantly fewer results than I should have. However, when I go to my Test system which is a copy of my production database from January restored on a different SQL Server, I get over 200 parts with the same search.

My suspicion is that a problem has developed in my Production system index since the January data was backed up. The properties of the Full-Text Catalog indicate that it is being populated regularly.

I have also used SQL Server Management Studio to rebuild this catalog, but that had no impact.


I guess this isn’t the answer, since you say it works in the backup copy.

But FYI, the search doesn’t work for partials.

If I search “hydr” I only get a handful - the ones that have a space after “hydr”:

But I have many more parts that have “hydraulic” in them, or maybe other words that begin with “hydr”…