Incorrectly mass printing all jobs

Hello everyone,

We use a fair amount of jobs and utilize the mass print functionality. Randomly, it seems to be that a user mass prints all the jobs in the system, which in turn causes issues for departments who rely on that mass print to be checked to print job travelers for production. (Yes, we can recover them, somewhat…)

Every time it has happened, there is a job in system monitor that fails likely due to the jobs that are to be printed is a large amount. It usually fails in about 2 hours. As I should, I have tried to recreate the error in our test environment. Here are the steps I took:

  • Went straight to Job Traveler Report and hit print with no filtering. A business logic error appears “At least one job number must be selected”.

  • In reading some other posts, there is a checkbox on the job traveler that is titled “print all jobs flagged for mass print”. We have hidden this checkbox so is not available for users.

  • We have an advanced search in the job traveler that I WAS able to return all the jobs, select, all, and print. This is the only way that I was able to recreate the issues, but in talking to the users who have caused the issues they are not using the dashboard. I’m not 100% sure if they are or aren’t and just don’t realize it, so not ruling it out here. I could add another prompt to the dashboard so there has to be more criteria selected.

  • It is NOT being done in job status maintenance. The users who have caused the issue do not have access.

  • I understand that a user could go to job traveler, return all rows, and print. I do not think that is the case here, as there would be thousands.

Are there any steps I’m missing that could also cause the jobs to be printed? Or is there anything I can do to trace it? I’m not on the technical side but could coordinate with someone who is. Thank you.

What is the desired procedure by the users? Same as your Test?

It sounds like the following:

  1. Launch Job Traveler Report window
  2. Select the Filter tab
  3. Select the Job button to bring up the Job Search window
  4. Select the Advanced tab in the Job Search window
  5. select a specific Advanced search and execute it
  6. Click the Select All button, then OK, to retrun the search results to the Job List grid on the Filter -> Job tab in the Job Traveler Report window
  7. submit the job for printing

Correct. That is the only way I can recreate mass printing all the jobs “incorrectly”. But when discussing with the users, they claim they are not using the advanced search. I’m not ruling it out on that is the way it is happening, just checking to see if there would be other ways.

So the problem is that they are not trying to print every job, but somehow the print task includes every job?

But not every time. Correct?

One thing it could be is that the jobs listed in the Job List on the Filter -> Job tab, is retained if the user was to select ‘Save Defaults’ after populating the table.

Have them launch the Job Traveler Report window and select “Remove defaults” from the Actions menu.

If a user had selected Mass Print (back when it was visible), and then Saved Defaults, then that option would be automatically selected even if the control was later hidden.

Hi Mindi,

I have an idea ~ I once had a checkbox hidden in sales order entry and a user was getting it checked by tabbing through and clicking spacebar. I needed to remove tab stop on the hidden field.
When I open Job traveler report and immediately click spacebar, it checks that “print all jobs flagged for mass print”… any chance user is opening it, hidden field still has tab stop and then they are pressing spacebar?



@Nancy_Hoyt - I just did a test, and in 10.2.300, setting the checkbox’s Visible property to false, makes the control inaccessible. The next item in the tab order (“Print Sched Resources”) has focus upon the form loading.

@MDiekhuis - Set the checkbox’s Enabled property to false, and make visible set as true
You’ll be able to see that value of it, but not be able to change it.



Fun one eh Calvin? :crazy_face:
Poor lady at work, she kept telling me she wasn’t doing anything to make it happen. I guess I learned my lesson, that was about 5 years ago, didn’t forget, Remove TAB Stop on hidden fields!


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When customizing the form, that checkbox is bound to

  • ReportParam.PrntAllMassPrnt

Yet that’s not a field in the dataset of the report RDL.

Might be able to add it, and then include it in the header. To see if that is actually the cause.

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Hi Nancy! After reading these comments I had an idea and… aha! I went to MES and tried to print a job traveler from there and lo and behold the checkbox is NOT hidden that mass prints all the jobs. I also tried the space bar for fun and it checks it. So, that is our answer that we successfully hid the “select all jobs for mass print” from production but not MES. Thanks for your help! As a side note I did try the space bar in production (the one where it isn’t visible) and it does not check all the jobs. So that’s good.

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Thanks for your help! I am still learning… didn’t realize that accessing it from MES would be different.