Industry Extensions 10.2.200.x (MICR, PositivePay, ACH)

That is right @hasokeric, for anyone that already has a IEX license for MICR or Positive Pay, they will need to contact your CAM and ask to help convert the license to a module license.

MICR is the one that I have the less experience on, but once you get the new license installed, as you said, set it up and just look for the SSRS report and modify it.

The one thing I know special about this one is that you need to be careful while typing the name of the font and printer as this is one of the main reasons for errors.


Curious on why PP needs a license? I modified the generic program but it does not run without the license. The program is nice functionality but the same functionality can be achieved with a BAQ and a dashboard - in our case anyway - which is what we do now. Where does the extra value come from that deserves a license? Especially when ACH (arguably more difficult) is included. :thinking:

Again, just curious. Thanks!!! And Welcome Humberto!!!

Mark W.


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@Mark_Wonsil, That is a good question that needs to be addressed to our Product Development team :slight_smile:

…But here is my opinion:

Other extensions like ACH have a trigger point in Epicor to allow its generation, in this case it is a AP Banking Interface, which means that the program selected gets executed every time a payment is processed. Theres no UI screen, no extra filters, everything is right there in the Payment Entry Screen.

For Positive Pay is a little more difficult because you dont rely on the information included in just one payment group, you typically want to include checks from different groups because its cheaper for companies to send larger batches in the same PP file (Many banks charge per file/transaction, no all of them) and also checks need to be posted because with this file you will tell the bank which checks to print, or authorize if you print them on house.

This is the reason why we had to create a separate UI screen where you can filter per account, dates and check range.

You mentioned that this can be achieved with a BAQ+Dashboard, and in my experience (and I could be wrong) you can built the query, you can get the results in a view in the form of a table, and you can export that data to an spreadsheet and probably also to a CSV file. But you can’t build the sections of the file (Header+Details) nor format the fields to what the bank expect with just the tools; what Im thinking is that you could create an assembly out of the dashboard and then create a customization on top of it and you could add code for the data formatting and extraction there, but you will need programming skills to do so, and if you develop that, it might end up being more expensive than the cost of the license, unless companies had an experienced resource like yourself :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Humberto_Martinez and welcome aboard! Do stick around, we have a LOT of questions! Just ask poor @Bart_Elia


That’s our problem - our bank format is too simple! It contains no headers, so literally, this is all my PP program does:

               // From PP_Generic ....
               // Bank Format
                string cleanSupplierName = ttCheck.Name.ToString().Replace(delim,' ');
                strRec.Append(formatFiller(bankTotalAmt.ToString(), "0", 10, "R"));

Hey! Hey! Hey!

First of all, it’s the users’ job to flatter the Epicor talent around here and not the other-way around!

Second, in our case it will cost us the talent AND the license. :laughing:

Thank you again for the explanation. We like long-posters! You can see that @Bart_Elia sets the bar… :wink:

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I think @Rich had rightly taken that crown

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In know this thread has been dead for a min. I was wondering we are currently running on 10.2.300.9 and when we run the payment us ach domestic we are missing the Vendor Bank routing number.

When you say missing, it is in the record and not the output file? Is part of the template? Have you checked the settings of the ACH output.

On Supplier Maintenance | Bank/Remit-To Tab, it’s called Bank Identifier and in the database as vendor.SwiftNum.

Mark W.

Also I did see it is in the template and it is missing some im not sure if I have to make a change to the template.

                    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(checkHedEx.VendorBankLocalBIC))
                        batchEntryHashNum += Convert.ToInt64(checkHedEx.VendorBankLocalBIC.SubString(0, 8));
                    EISFCommon.ttOutFileLine.Line_out = ErpUtilities.Overlay(EISFCommon.ttOutFileLine.Line_out, 3, checkHedEx.VendorBankLocalBIC, 8);