Industry Extensions 10.2.200.x (MICR, PositivePay, ACH)

I have 2 questions:

Does Epicor have a Script to Remove IEx such as MICR, PositivePay which are now part of 10.2?
When you upgrade you still have the IEx tables, Menu Items and Verticalization Customizations on Company Maintenance. Also your MICR Hard-Coded ID 9 still exists.

What happens to ACH? I thought it was part of 10.2 as well, but I see updated IEx files on EpicWeb?
I assume I misunderstood and ACH remains an Industry Extension.

Hi Haso,

I had the same question/concern after upgrading and haven’t seen an answer yet as far as clean up. I manually took the menu items off by removing the “enabled” checkbox to basically hide from the users.

ACH is built in so not sure why there would be updated files unless it’s for a special scenario or deployment. We don’t have any IEX installed for 10.2.


I’ve never used IEX but have done SEPA since 10.0 and ACH since 10.2.

Positive Pay programs are shipped with 10.2 but for some reason require a license to run. It’s a very simple file format (much easier than SEPA for example). Is there functionality there that I’m missing?

Mark W.

I am curious about this as well. Working on the ERP 10.2.200 upgrade currently. Can anyone in Epicor get us a good answer on this one?

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What did everyone do with regards to ACH in 10.2. We’ve upgraded to 10.2 and ACH is not working. Message: File C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ERP102\Server\Erp\EI\IEX_Payment_APACH\IEX_Payment_APACH.cs not found to compile and run.

It says to install the Industry Extension first, but I can’t find any install files on EpicWeb. Put in a ticket and they are saying we have to contract with CSG to get the install files. This cannot be right.

It looks like you still have to download the IEX ACH Package from EpicWeb. I dont see a 10.2.300, but perhaps the 10.2.200 will work.


Thanks for the quick response.

But where is the Industry Extension? There is nothing under Industry Extension. The first thing the ACH installation says it to make sure you install the framework.

You might have to ping support - they dont have the latest version on EpicWeb


We had a call about MICR yesterday with support and Epicor is quite confused about IEx vs Base. Seems like they are lost telling us to go back to Crystal Reports to use MICR lol wtf.

Hey @MikeGross look who we got on the Forum now! Say Hello to @Humberto_Martinez - you dont have to keep him a secret anymore :slight_smile:


LOL - just fortuitous that these posts crossed my path minutes after I talked to him about it and that I could help get us more help!

Welcome @Humberto_Martinez! Thank you very much for joining us here and helping us out however you can!

Hey @josecgomez and @rbucek - is there a “Recruit from Epicor” badge? (just kidding…)


Maybe Humberto can shed some light on the state of Industry Extensions when going from 10.1.500 for example to 10.2.300.

For me at the least we use:

  • MICR
  • Positive Pay
  • ACH

Obviously we havent found any guides or cleanup scripts. We also see IEx files for ACH on EpicWeb for 10.2.100 etc… Perhaps an Overview what is in the base, what is not in the base, any configuration gotchas! etc:) so we can align everyone who has been asking for this info, possibly even if you must create a new thread @Humberto_Martinez (a new topic)

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Good Idea @hasokeric!

I did ask him about cleaning up from 10.1.500 and he said he’d help but that there wasn’t anything to do really but remove the IEX menu entries and server/client DLLs; and recreate the Electronic Interface entries to use the new CS files (if they are named differently).

The SEPA, NLICP and NLVAT cs files were still named the same so I didn’t have to recreate anything - or get a new license. But I am very interested in the ACH/Positive Pay/MICR options as well…

Since we’re talking about IEX - why is there not a standard NACHA based format since it seems to be the standard that any bank can process?

@Chris_Conn - I can tell you from experience at my last gig that Bank Of America does NOT follow the documented ACH format. That may have changed in the last 5 yrs of course… The standard just seems to be a set of guidelines for the banks and they can require additional fields not in the standard.

The Payroll_NACHA format that is included should work since all ACH’s are the same whether you are paying an employee or a vendor… @hasokeric ??

I’ll have to have a look to see if that one fits the bill, I ended up rolling my own.

In my stint working at an EDI company, I learned the best things about standards is that everyone can have one!

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Hi Everyone, I hope I can add some clarity in regards to the IEX, this is going to be a long post :).

Starting version 10.1.600, Positive Pay and MICR Checks were included in base product. Specifically for this two extensions you need a module license to be able to access it.
The rest of the IEX (AP & AR ACH, Payroll ACH) are supported up to version 10.2.100, and are part of base product starting again in 10.2.300.
If anyone need the installers for version 10.2.200, since they are not supported as extensions in that version, you will need to contact CSG, and they can provide them.
For all the applications, as soon as they became part of base product, the framework is no longer needed.

Now, I’ll try to answer the specific questions:
1.- Does Epicor have a Script to remove IEX tables?
-I dont know of an “Oficial” script to drop those tables, but our support team should be able to provide one if a ticket is created asking for it. What I can confirm is that those table are not used if the extension is part of base product.

2.- What happened to ACH in 10.2?
-Is part of base product starting in 10.2.300, this one is free (no license required) and Epicor provides a template to use it that follows the standard NACHA specifications.

3.- Positive Pay programs are shipped with 10.2 but for some reason require a license to run.
-Correct, Pay does require module license to be used, it includes 5 different bank formats that, same as the rest of the templates provided, work as examples that can be used/modified to your specific needs.

4.- We’ve upgraded to 10.2 and ACH is not working. Message: File C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ERP102\Server\Erp\EI\IEX_Payment_APACH\IEX_Payment_APACH.cs not found to compile and run.
-This is because the doesn’t exist in the folder, the reason is because with upgrades, tipically only the core files/assemblies are deployed in the new version, so most of the custom solutions (in this case the IEX) needs to be reinstalled.
-You will need to run both installers again (Framework + ACH) if your version is 10.2.100, if you moved to 10.2.200, you will need to ask CSG for the installers to that version, and if you are in 10.2.300 you dont need to do any of this just look for the new template (Payment_US_ACH_Domestic) .

5.- …I dont see a 10.2.300, but perhaps the 10.2.200 will work.
-This is true for all installers, they need to be compiled in the right version, so an installer from 10.2.200 wont work in 10.2.300.
-And you dont need to do anything in 10.2.300, just look for the new format name.

Let me know if I missed any question or if you will like me to elaborate on any of the above…


So if you are upgrading to 10.2.300, contact your CAM for an updated license file, then enable the modules via Admin Console.

@Humberto_Martinez anything special going on with MICR? or is it as simple as, setup the configuration, modify your .rdl (SSRS) report, then it works?

Thanks for your post @Humberto_Martinez! Good info there and certainly some clarity for the few of us presently involved with all of this.

If anyone didnt catch that, in 10.2.300 look for Payment_US_ACH_Domestic not IEX_Payment_APACH for AP

For AR: its ARPayment_US_ACH_Domestic

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