Infinite scheduling

Infinite scheduling behavior

Hi Team,
I am in the process of setting up the system with scheduling parameters for implementation.
scenario :

resource group(weld) with 4 resources who does the same work(welders). No split operation. scheduling block = 1.

Here is setup - operation calling one resource group which has 4 resources. Resources are not finitely

100 different jobs scheduled at the weld operation

I want the system to distribute the work between the 4 resources using infinitely scheduling?

INFINITE scheduling…
not sure if your welders are going to like the daily work load!!!

In any case, most likely… the shop supervisor will manage the details of who of the 4 works where… and as needed all four, or only one might weld a specific job. Tough to schedule… but in reality your capacity is 4 bodies during a normal week!
Presume it is an 8 hr work day, 4 * 40 = 160

On the front-end, does it matter if the job / Mom says 1,2 or 4 welders will do it?
EX: Job needs 60 hours of welding…
OPTION 1: a solitary welder takes a week and a half
2: two welders take 30 hours each
4 welders take 10 hours each…
What is screwey, is the start-finish on the job
If the MOM aligned to the exact number of welders, then schedulings view would look awesome!
And the job op-complete would be known.
Usually… the area supervisor will “on-the-fly” move welders to different jobs in order to be sure the job OP completes and the remaining ‘stuff’ can get started to finish the job on time!

Over-all it’s simple… do not over-book and over-consume more than 120 hours!!
Let the supervisor manage what-gets-welded within the week.
If there are a few jobs that it is KNOWN that multiple welders will work on them, engineer them that way.

If the supervisor intends to have 3 guys on a job tomorrow, then revise the JOB MOM accordingly.

THe output from the system will continue to be fuzzy, because you really only know availability and consumption, without being able to cleanly project Job-Op completion for multiple jobs…

Infinite scheduling will result in all op’s supposably being really completed based on the scheduled completion date (with limitations to a 24 hour work day).
Your results will be ugly! A weld-op scheduled to finish TUESDAY (not started on by Thursday) will muck-up any addition op’s scheduling on that job after the weld-op since you are infinite scheduling and the Tuesday weld (Adam’s Family anyone?) was supposed to be done!
With FINITE scheduleing ya can’t book more than a days work in a days shift.
It’s up to the supervisor to keep things on schedule…

Best o’luck

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Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for sharing some of the great insight. In our case

jobs are all start to finish and should be assigned like one job to one resource. Meaning, we dont have more than one resource work on the operation. i kind of made a excel model (expected). We surely can do some level of shop floor management of the work. But I want it to show up on the resource scheduling board as level loaded schedule, so i could use dates to plan the delivery schedule of trucks we make.