Information Worker - Office 2019+


TIA as you all help us as new adopters of Epicor.

Have any of you had success with Information Worker and Office 2019 or 2021? In particular the Outlook Integration? We are on -prem and using the very latest Kinetic (11.2.300.11). We are just starting to explore this and the documentation states up to “2016” We are having initial problems with connecting the Outlook Client to the Server.

At this point, I’m just looking for confirmation of successful usage between 2019 or 2021. We will be migrating to Office 2021 next year, but are currently using 2019.


I will offer up that we scrapped the usage of IW years ago because of the repeated errors and complications we were experiencing. Alos, the lack of support for filtering beyond one level made it impossible to follow our Territory security down to IW and filter the customer/contacts appropriately for our sales team.

In addition, I’m not sure if it’s been adapted to the latest Outlook client and REST API interface for Kinetic. I’d be interested what you find though, since we’d still like to utilize some of its features.

Thanks Mike,

I’m beginning to wonder if we were sold a Bill of Goods, on IW as I read more about it in the various forums. We were adamant about the need to easily get Information from Outlook into the Tasks/CRM before purchasing Epicor and did see working functionality of it a demo, but it might have just been more smoke than fire.

How are any of you getting information from an email client into Epicor other than copy and paste functionality? Without it, it is quite a step backwards, on that particular front, for us?


Hello Joe,

Outlook VSTO and COM Add-Ins are definitely on the way out. Everything is moving toward the JavaScript API. I’m not sure what the roadmap is for Information Worker.


That’s curious, you saw a working demo of it - or just a video recording of it working?

It’s not like Epicor to demo anything that doesn’t work and are usually forthcoming about the limitations like compatible software versions, cloud vs on-prem, and all that. Now I’m curious…

As for us, we’re doing some print to PDF and drag-and-drop attachments in the UI, plus we have ECM and are trying to send most things to an automated ECM import/workflow process.

We saw a working demo of it when we were reviewing it as part of our initial purchase phase from a 3rd Party Consulting Company. It was brief. Now we are in the early process of simply trying to set it up and FAFO it… I’m not encouraged by the response of our IT team and the people we are talking to about it, but I’m not ready to throw it out yet… and want to explore all of our options with it.

Please do! For the sake of everyone here. Epicor is still distributing it, albeit without any decent new documentation, and I think a lot of us could benefit from it if we know it still works.

I would suggest this though - ask your CAM @ Epicor to find the Product Manager for IW and get you in contact with them. Then directly ask for the information you need - and the help to get it working. Sometimes, with these fringe applications, it’s easier to get help form the PM and Dev team member than from regular support (or 3rd parties).