Insights 2022 App

I wasn’t able to find a link or documents for a Insights App like in the past years so I thought I would try last years App. Once I downloaded it I replaced the code mentioned in last years topic with “epicorinsights2022”. If I’m in the wrong place can someone point me in the right direction?

Here is the link for last years topic.

@ecain could you provide us some guidance on this?

If you follow the directions in last years topic. “Installing the 2021 Insights Agenda App” you will get to a step that asks you to enter a code. I replaced “epicorinsights” with “epicorinsights2022”.

I mean if it worked and had the right info I assume it’s good but we’ll see if we can get confirmation.

I see the full agenda with this years dates as well I was able to download the Kinetic Lab eBook - 2022.

I don’t think the mobile app for 2022 is launched yet. I sent an inquiry to our Events team and will let you know.

The Events Team just now let me know that the mobile app is scheduled to launch tomorrow. Registered attendees will receive an email about it.


When I log in with my browser I am getting this shown below. I see the same in the App.

Guess I jumped the gun on it… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks @ecain I think we’re all getting excited for Insights '22 @rnewell more than others.


Thanks! It worked for me just now.

It feels like forever since we have been able to travel from Canada to the US. And what better reason to go? :grin:

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Got my email and downloaded the app!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

It’s super nice that you can build the agenda online using a browser.

In my case I go through every session that looks interesting and click add to agenda- even if it overlaps with another class. I do this for every day of the week and select every interesting class even if I chose the same class on a different day.

After that I went to “My Agenda” on the home page and exported the calendar.

I then imported it to outlook and Exported it out of outlook to CSV ( How to Export Outlook 2019 Calendar to Excel - YouTube)

Now that I have everything in CSV I can see which classes overlap at certain times on the same day and I can also see which classes are offered on multiple days which helps when I am forced to choose between two classes during the same timeslot on the same day. I used pivot tables to see which time slots I chose multiple classes for and I used another pivot table to see which of those classes are offered on different days.

Geeking out. Can’t wait for Insights.