Insights 2023 : Any news on Grow?

To the guys who went to Insights 2023, any news or big announcement on Grow ?

I was hyped last year.

Yes I would say approximately 90% of the keynote/road ahead sessions were spent talking about grow. Maybe a mild exaggeration lol. They said its available with kinetic 2023.

Ok nice. Did they provide answers about the following:

  • Will it be embeded in Kinetic ? (Active home page, menu entry for dashboard…)
  • Is the security integrated with Kinetic ? (Users, security groups)
  • What’s the roadmap vs the other reporting products, like EDD ?

I went to a couple of the Grow sessions and labs this year:

  • You can set up Kinetic embed links that will let you embed your metrics (and dashboards? I wasn’t fully clear on this) into Active Home Page.
  • You can also set up sharing links that will let you share out to Slack, emails, etc. They’re working on a Teams integration currently.
  • Only supports cloud Kinetic. They’re working on a connector for on-prem but it’s in testing right now. Didn’t get a timeline on when that would be available.
  • Security is separate from Kinetic. When you log in, you have the option to log in using Epicor, but access to each metric and dashboard is handled in Grow as far as I saw.
  • Unclear on the roadmap. We didn’t get good information on how Grow is supposed to interact with or replace EDD, EDA, Financial Planner (FP&A). Given how much time they dedicated to Grow during the keynotes and other sessions, I imagine they will want Grow to be the primary BI tool used for Kinetic.
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Also, the licensing they showed is based on data volume and how often you want it to refresh, so you should be able to set up user accounts for anyone you want to access interactive versions of the metrics. You don’t need to pay for each additional user.

Did they mention anything about refresh frequency? When I talked to them in 2022 it seemd like they didn’t have anything close to real-time. More in line with what you can expect from EDA, not Power BI.

Once per day was the default they indicated. They did mention the possibility to have it refresh more often but it sounded like it would be an additional license cost. It still is a data warehouse, though, so you’ll be refreshing data periodically and not directly querying your Epicor database.

I think i’ve seen Demos with an hourly refresh rates