Insights 2024 - After Action Report

Ok folks, just like last year, this thread is for all the things we saw at Insights, the serious version.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s try our best not to turn this one into a dumpster fire :dumpster_fire: , we already have one of those.

I’ll start off, just to get something going. I wouldn’t expect much content here yet until Tuesday though folks. A lot of us are still recovering, and it’s a holiday weekend.

I was particularly interested in the Dynamic Documents presentation. Seems like a neat and very underutilized feature. We learned a lot about it, but have a lot more questions.

I’m sure @Mark_Wonsil is chomping at the bit to ask a million questions too, so feel free to add to his list. We’ll probably forget to mention a lot of what we saw, but those direct questions ought to jog the ol’ knoggin a bit.

I may have already abused one person offline. Keeping it light, it appears that in the future, a simple refraction and we’ll all end up in Prism.


You are actually going to come back and ask questions though right?

Because if you or others don’t, I’m afraid we’ll forget half of it.


My first question to those who went is:

What was the most promising new feature/system/process that you think will make Kinetic better/easier to use? And why?

Test Subquery in new BAQ Editor (Kinetic Web UX) that will save real man hours


New question that I don’t think was brought up:

Will there will be a .NET Client in 2025.1?

No mention was heard of classic sunset. So since they guaranteed like what was it, 18 months, 2 years ?? after sunset announcement, then I would assume yes.

For me it was the new (2024.1) left hand side navigation tree / menu thing within Kinetic browser UI apps (not sure the proper name for it)… It’s much more intuitive and has some great search features. The old design was rather convoluted imo so I was thrilled to see this.

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Oh, I agree Tom. It’s so much nicer. One thing I would like to see, in any navigation, is some visual cue that there is at least one record in a leaf, tab (stacked panel), etc. without clicking to reveal. For example bold or italicize the text.

The Explorers, which appeared in 2023.2, reduce the number of clicks and are a welcome addition.


2024.2 will be browser first but classic client will remain unchanged
Timeline on full sunset

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I was incredibly impressed and surprised by the functionality of ECM

Outside the AP Workflow and Order Workflow this is such a powerful system

It supports custom forms , integration with docusign, full document life cycle management including approvals revisions and reminders

It is a powerhouse

That has always been the case I just never paid it enough attention I suppose

But this year was the year of ECM I already have several things in mind including full contract tracking and auditing for our legal department


Clocking MES users out without having to manually log into their user account


I did see in the 2024.1 release notes that for those who use Expiration Dates on Lots, MRP will now take expiration into the supply equation making sure there is material before it expires.

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For me the two big take aways were:

  1. I didn’t hear anything about classic sunset this time, no timeline, threats, nothing.
  1. I finally feel that Application Studio in 2024.1 is efficient & functional enough for most companies to proceed with refactoring their classic customizations. While in previous versions it was possible, it seemed very time consuming and unnecessarily technical. In all the labs I attended, everything worked. This was helped a lot by wizards they have added to the Application Studio.

I was surprised they gave they’re On Prem support promise again… many ERPs are pulling that support, so that’s a plus.


It sounded to me like the .NET client is staying at least for a few major versions.
However, it was illustrated that Kinetic performs better in most browsers than the .NET client, but no reasoning was provided for this.

The Fulfillment Workbench automation was siiiiiiiiiiick.


Go on - for those who didn’t see it.

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They claim it can simulate and automate a person working in FWB. The automated process can do anything a person could manually do inside FWB, automatically.

I think they deliver on this in a really elegant way. The robustness of the tools you have available to filter down and select the jobs/orders/etc you want to process, as well as how you process them, is impressive.

The way the steps are broken down and how the rules are designed and run all make logical sense and allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility.

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Did they mention if it was Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or were they driving the APIs from a controller that was acting on a ruleset?

No its built in to Kinetic Mark, like configurator you setup a set of rules and actions to take place and schedule it (much like a function)

Rule: Part Class in X Y Z
Action: Allocate / Reserve and Release for Picking

Then you schedule that to run x times a day and voila. Every time an order (or a job material request) comes in with those parts in that class it will automatically perform FWB functionality of Allocate / Reserve / Release for Picking