Insights Classes Cancelled?

Just got a rebate from Insights. Guessing its from classes I signed up for being cancelled.

Is there a way to confirm this?

?? what classes?

Rebate as in you got money issued back to your credit card or you got something in an email??

Credit card credit.

Are you on the panel for the session, or another panel/session that would equal a reduced attendee fee?

No rebates or emails here about any class being cancelled. You think it was one of the extended ones?

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No all of the classes removed from by Insights Registration. I just added them back. It was the extended classes.

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Hmm… checking mine now…

Looks like my classes were removed as well. Someone may have seriously messed up.

I sent them an email identifying the issue we’ve had to let them know to check things out.


I am going to those classes no matter what.

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Please let me know if you hear anything.

I just checked mine and same thing, the classes appear to be removed as well.

Same! Got a credit for my extended education and don’t see anything on my insights registration about the classes… going to email them too.

We have classes in 3 days… what in the world.

I still have one class on my registration. It took three others off though.

Hmm, I wonder if we’re in the same ones! It was 3 classes for me too: the back to back classes on application studio for Saturday, and then the custom application with REST API class for Sunday morning.

I think I have a copy of my old registration somewhere.

I had application studio one full day then functions and bpms the second if I am not mistaken.

All, I am checking into this with our Events Team and Epicor University. I can tell you that the Extended Education Saturday and Sunday classes are still on for sure.


Thanks @ecain !!!

Thank you!!!

More info: Only one class was canceled and that was a long time ago. I will keep you updated as I receive more information. The canceled class was:

E16: Maximizing Production Efficiency with Advance Job Management