Inspection Processing - Inspection Data Button Grey out

We just implemented Epicor for one of our site on Tuesday and noticed an issue. When we try to go and received a PO and then tried doing inspection processing, the “Inspection Data” button is grey out.

So I’ve been investigating to see why it’s not available to do the inspection processing. I noticed that the Part Rev does not get pull into the PO. I realized that the PO Order Date is before the Part Rev effective Date. So that make sense.

I went and changed the PO date to be on or after the effective date of the approved Part Rev and inspection processing is available. This works, but the issue is that we have blanket POs dating back a few years. We don’t want to be changing that to reflect the Part Rev nor do we want to change the Part Rev to match the PO since it’s been through a few revisions and we only import in the effective Part Rev.

I opened a case with Epicor and they said that we should be able to go and manually pick the Part Rev in the PO and it should allow us to do inspection processing. However, when I go and manually select the Part Rev, after receiving, the Inspection Data button is still grey out. Not sure if this is a bug, but just checking if others run into similar issue. We are on version I noticed also that that PODetailInsp table is not populated doing this way. If it automatically pull in the part rev, then it does populate that table.

Unless I’m mistaken, the Inspection Data button requires the Advanced Quality Management module. Do you have this module licensed?

EDIT: As pointed out below, it’s the Enhanced Quality module you need, not Advanced Quality.

Correct you need the Enhanced Quality Module. The Advanced Quality module is a third part QMS system from IQS that integrates with Epicor

Enhanced quality module allows you to configure inspection plans and specifications. Without setting those the Inspection Data button will be grayed out

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Enhanced Quality is what I was thinking of. Thanks for clarifying.

Yeah we have the advanced quality module. That’s how we were able to configure the inspection plans and specifications.

However, the issue is related to the PO date and Part Rev effective date. It works fine if the PO date is on or after the Part Rev effective date. We have the Part Rev link to the Inspection plan. So it does bring it in for Inspection Processing. Issue is that when the PO date is before the Part Rev effective date. I was told by Epicor I can just go and manually select the Part Rev in the PO line. Doing this, will not trigger it to generate the inspection plan when doing the receiving.

Okay, I found out the issue now. When the PO Date is not on or after the Part Rev effective date, it will not pull in the Part Rev into the PO Detail. You can manually select the Part Rev, but that does not automatically create the Inspection Plan. You would have to go to the Inspection Tab in Purchase order entry for that line and create a new Inspection Plan as well. Once you create the inspection plan, it works fine.