Inspection Processing Mistakes

I have never used the Enhanced Quality Module prior to my current position, so I apologize if this turns out to be a really stupid question :rofl:


  1. Open Inspection Processing Entry
  2. Search for an Operation transaction
  3. Select Inspector ID
  4. Enter a “Passed Qty”
  5. Select Bin (maybe? I am not too sure if we do that…that isn’t related to this question though)
  6. Click the “Print Tags” button
  7. Print/Preview the tags
  8. OH CRAP! :scream:
    a. “That is the wrong quantity!
  9. Open up a blank tag PDF template that they created a while back and put in the correct information, and print that tag.

It seems to me that using a blank template to ‘reprint’ a tag takes away all accountability from the entire process and makes the Inspection Processing a moot point…

Is there no way to go back and make a change to that Inspection record to correct the quantity entered?

I’m not sure I get the issue here. I mean, you can f*** around with the Epicor process too.

  1. Enter whatever quantity you want
  2. Print tag.
  3. Change qty in the inspection.
  4. Save that qty. Now you’ve got a tag and a transaction that don’t match. Maybe one of the two numbers gels with reality.

Only way to actually guarantee the label matches the transaction is to disable the canned label and trigger an auto-print via BPM. Even then…you can always take a 2nd swing at inspections by creating a Nonconformance.

@jtownsend - Perhaps there is no issue and my lack of experience with the Enhanced Quality Module in Epicor is in itself the issue. This falls into that old saying of “I don’t know what I don’t know”, ya know? :slight_smile: