Inspection Processing / Nonconformance: PO Receipt Passed Comments

I am unable to locate the passed comments for a PO Receipt. There is no associated nonconformance record. They’re not written back to the receipt detail, the PO Rel, Part Tran. Am I overlooking something simple or this working as designed?

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking, but if you need to look up that information, there are many ways of getting there without duplicating the data on each child record.
A BAQ can add that table in a join (as well as a report). and a Foreign Key View (FKV) can add that table to be shown in a customization.


Inspection Processing is mostly a view into the Nonconformance table… which has fields called “PsdComments” and “FldComments”. Take a look there and see if you can find them.


I did look at Nonconf but there are no records for passed PO receipts. Rows only exist for TrnTyp = P when FailedQty > 0. It seems like too big of a miss to allow users to enter passed comments in PO receipt and then immediately clear them from the system; I was hoping there was another table that might hold the data.

FROM erp.NonConf n
WHERE n.TrnTyp = ‘P’
AND n.FailedQty = 0

instead of using “FailedQty = 0”, try using PsdCommentTxt <> (whatever the expression for blank value is).

I used a BAQ, and in 10.2.400.0 I found the record I had created.

You might also try FailedQty = 0.00 (that’s how the value appeared in the results)

In 10.1.500.18, I only see records where PsdCommentTxt <> ‘’ if there is a FailedQty > 0. Interestingly enough, I am seeing some Nonconf records for FailedQty = 0 in 10.2.500.16.

Was this ever resolved? I too am trying to create a BAQ that pulls the NCR data but TrnType “P” - Purchase Order Receipts and “R” - RMA receipt do not return in the results.

I want to calculate the number of days the parts have been sitting in inspection and the average. I thought it would be a relatively easy query to pull together. Does anyone know which table the PO receipts are? Thanks!

@Ernie funny seeing you here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Courtney PO Receipts are in RcvDtl. It also has the inspection data date, time, pass and fail quantities…
The PsdComment and FLDComment are in NonConf.

Thank you! I found it :slight_smile: