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Just realized we have the Epicor CRM Mobile available to us but never setup. Does anyone have some good instructions on the steps required to get it up and going. I have downloaded the files from Epicweb but they are not installs mostly pdf and a few zip files. Hoping someone has some good instructions as these are pretty vague.

It’s all in the PDF. There really isn’t much to it from an installation point. Getting your users connected and setting up permissions (from inside the mobile app - which is TOTALLY stupid btw) is the hardest part… are you having trouble with one part or another specifically?

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The CRM app is built on REST. So first you need to make sure that you have REST working at your server. If you want to give access outside your network then you may need to use a VPN or expose a port. There’s some IIS stuff if you want error logging but it’s a lot easier than EWA or other products. Install guide at EpicWeb: Sign In

Thanks for the information. I do have the install guide but when looking at Page 7/8 the CRM Mobile node does not exist on my system. That is where I am stuck.


I am going through the install I downloaded from Epicor and don’t see the CRM-Mobile node on page 7/8


MobileCRM_InstallGuide.pdf (343 KB)

what version of Epicor? Prior to 10.2.x you need to install another file to get those scripts in the DB Scripts pane…

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Did you download the scripts?


After installing the file through the solution manager (I just picked the solution manager from one of our companies) I now show the nodes in the Administration
Console. But when running I get and error and looks like it is just running from the company I installed the solution in. Any clues? Looks like there are zCRM baqs in there but they are set as system and not able to be deleted. I would have thought this
would run for all companies. We have TGC, TTC, LWT, TGU, TTC etc companies.


Did you already had the zCRM Baqs? The Cleanup is only meant when upgrading the BAQ package to a newer version.

Basically the Latest App works with the latest set of BAQs, one of the BAQs has the version number, IIRC it is zCRM-Settings or something related.

If there is a newer version on EpicWeb you will need to get the new cab, run the cleanup which is simply running those 2 SQL scripts that delete all BAQs and their data so that you can install the new cab through Solution Workbench.

I don’t know much about Solution Workbench but installing the solution should set the BAQs as System and be available for all companies.

We are on version 10.2.400 patch 10. Never installed cement Mobil but having trouble with the scripts as they error out and do not remove the baqs

What is the error? I only did this once locally and it worked but since I don’t usually use the Admin Console I’m not sure exactly what it does.

If you have direct access to the database you should be able to run the scripts directly, though it would be better to try first in a test environment if you have one.

I will run the scripts in a our test from sql and see how it does that way. Thanks.

Yeah, I think the issue is that you are NEW to Mobile, not upgrading Mobile. When I went back and looked at the PDF I had last year and compared it to this one, I think it should say that Page 7, steps 1 & 2 are ONLY for an upgrade. Otherwise start on Page 8, Step #3.

I think you just need to load up the BAQ package and go from there. This is all very simple - load the BAQs, load the app, alter the appserver - and then it works. Then you set security and customize the BAQs if you want too… that’s really all there is to it.

We use the mobile, but we were part of the early program so the process is all different for me until I upgrade to 600 next month. Sorry I didn’t catch this yesterday in your original posts.

So running the scripts from the SQL server got me a little further as I was able to remove the existing and import the new.

Now having issues getting the mobile app to connect. I suspect a licensing issue as I found a thread here

And typing in https://E10APP05/102400/api/help I got a warning about a certificate. I went through the warning but then got a 404 error


If you’re licensed for CRM then you’re licensed. If not, you do have to buy a CRM Mobile license.

As mentioned earlier, you have to have REST setup and that requires a secure connection. A self-signed certificate is not trusted unless you add it to the Trusted store. Fix the certificate issue and you should be able to connect with the app.

We are on 10.2.400 patch 10. If I read correctly REST services are installed by default in this version. Looking in the app server configuration I had a setting for the net.tcp://
but not an http:// or https:// endpoint binding so I added them and guessed at the type as there were quite a few choices. Below is a pic of what I selected. Should I have used something different?


For the license first you need to have the CRM module licensed/enabled.

But to use the mobile app you need CRM Limited User licenses, not sure the exact name but this is a special type of license restricted by user count.

Since you are on 10.2 you can use the CRMLicenseFallbackToDefaultUserAllowed web.config key to allow the appserver to fallback to Default user licenses.

I am having a hard time understanding the CRMLicenseFallbackToDefaultUserAllowed license.

In the install guide it says this flag is useful if you want to try CRM without purchasing a Limited CRM license…

In other words, does this allow us full functionality of CRM so we can play around with it? Does it also allow us to use the mobile CRM in its entirety?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.


Yes to both of your questions, although remember that some functionality is not restricted by the user license but by the licensed modules available.

The fallback flag was added in 10.2, the drawback in the long run is that you would be using a default user license, if those are limited you might run into issues elsewhere.

Thanks to all the responses. We are up and running now and working on getting tasks configured.


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