Install New Epicor in Test Only

So, the test I am talking about is in the same EAC. The database for our live is E10 and our test is E10Test. How would I do this without upgrading our live to the new version just yet?

You want Live and Test to be different versions?

If so, what level of difference? The x, yyy, or zz version segment of 10.x.yyy.zz ?

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Generally it is perfectly safe to install other versions it won’t affect your main system (unless you tell it to)
I’m currently running 10.2.300, 10.2.500 and 10.2.600) in the same box on different environments…

Now… with that said… handle with care if its your production box and you blow it up… well yeah…

but technically speaking there’s no real conflict.


Any issues with different versions of the TaskAgent installed?

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Haven’t seen any, no. They all connect to their respective AppServer specifically so I don’t think so… again… use at your own risk… But I’m running 300 and 500 task agents right now without issues.

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10.2300.30 other would be 10.2.600.5

Question is, how do you do the upgrade only one of them in the same sandbox?

Not sure what you mean? each app server can be upgraded independently.

I think there’s a poor understanding about what the Epicor Admin Console (EAC) really is (at least by me, there is).

I used to think that EAC was the version of Epicor installed. But EAC is really just a “Snap-in” to act as the UI for controlling the installed Epicor “system”. And that the different versions of E10 run independently, and just appear to be connected together because they can appear side-by-side in EAC.

Is that correct?

Kind of…as I understand it

There is an EAC (Epicor Admin Console) which is an MMC (Microsoft Management Console) Plug In

However the EAC also has a Database and Server Plugins (for each version of Epicor)

So there is one Epicor Admin Console with several plugins for each installed version of Epicor