Installation Share Location

When installing the client on a new workstation within our Windows AD Domain, the “Share Location:” textbox is automatically filled out with the proper information (albeit, missing the .domain.local) as shown:

However, if I open the installer from a workstation in a different Windows AD Domain, it does not pre-populate that field:

We currently have 4 AD domains that all utilize the same E10 installation. The domains are all set up with a two-way trust in Active Directory, and user permissions have been assigned properly.

I can manually enter the information into the Server Location field and proceed with the installation just fine. Once installed, everything works great. But I am trying to figure out what exactly is causing that Share Location to populate (and in this case, not populate) when running the installer.

I have tried this from different endpoints in each of the other domain[2…4].local domains, experiencing this issue every time. Anyone ever experience this issue before?

Are you running the installer from the share location or running a copy of the installation from local pc?

I am running it directly from the share, which is why I thought it was kind of odd that it didn’t pre-populate.