Installing default transaction types

Trying to get our GL transaction types installed. In our environment.clicking on the Load Transaction Type button does nothing. image

It appears to work ok against the Demo database, has anyone seen this before?

I have loaded GL transactions through several version upgrades and never seen this case. But have you tried doing an IISRESET in CMD and then try to reload them?

Im on my phone so sorry if the link doesn’t work

Actually we have only done an Application Pool recycle, I wouldn’t that would make a difference, but I can try.

I have logged a case with Epicor, but at this stage they are still investigating after doing a webex. I guess the most interesting thing is the fact that it works correctly in our Demo environment.

I’m not sure if the Book->Posting->Conversions settings have any impact on it working. This is really the only difference I see between our environment and demo.


So I did an IISRESET. No cigar.

I did a SQL profiler trace and discovered when you click the button it does a select on the epr.postingrulepackage table. This table is empty so that’s probably why nothing shows up. I am not sure how it is populated because out test system, which we have been using during our implementation does have Posting rules installed, but the erp.postingrulepackage table is also empty.

So several more days into the Transaction Types issue and even after having Epicor create a new instance of an App server (just to make sure we are excluding our side of things). Using a restored copy of our database we are still experiencing the problem. So looks like we might be just starting all over from scratch…Oh Joy

At least we can take our server out of the equation.

So far it looks like Conversion 830 was not run, not sure how it was not, but the logs are indicating this. This was preventing the list of posting rules in showing up. We still got some of them being blocked, but once we deleted and selected them individually and ONLY checked the check boxes in the grid not the ones to the bottom left of the form they imported. Go figure.

Anyway waiting on confirmation from Epicor to be 100% sure this is going to be the correct thing to do in our other environments.

A bit worrying is the fact I notice other system run conversions in the same state. Can someone confirm that they all should have a RunUserID and a LastRunOnDate for all Autorunconversions populated?