Installing ODBC Drivers on Windows 10

Hi All,

I’ve installed the Progress Client to get the ODBC drivers many times without issue, including my current machine that is running Windows 10.
I’m trying to install it on a new Windows 10 machine from the OpenEdge share on our Epicor server by running the setup.exe from netsetup folder. It appears to install without error but a lot of files are missing from the bin folder, when compared to my own folder, including the ODBC DLLs and registry entries for the ODBC.

Any ideas on what I might be missing or is there something special for Windows 10 that I haven’t encountered before?


This is driving me crazy.
I have it correct right? If I want to install the ODBC drivers on a workstation, I need to run setup from the \epicorserver\OE102A\Netsetup folder, right?

Correct but verify that you want the 32 bit drivers. That is what is there.

Don’t use the ODBC control panel applet. Use the one in windows\wow64\

Also, see the following for a couple of “fixes” (might only apply to Progress DBs)

Thanks all.

The ODBC portion of the install is just not installing. The Progress Client tools install fine and run fine but no ODBC.

My guess is that something is being blocked at the firewall but I’m not sure.

Did you confirm the Regeistry entries get created on the client? See the link above for the registry branch from our V8/Progress/OE10.1b setup.

After I had that worked out, I totally skipped using the ODBC setup and just used a .reg file on clients that needed to connect via ODBC.

Also, in V8, the PET had a section for ODBC under each DB.

Hi All,

So I never figured out the issue that prevented the install from installing the ODBC drivers but I did work around it manually. I copied my folder that had the files that were installed to the other client and then exported the registry entries on my computer to the new computer and imported them. The first time I did this, it didn’t work but it was because I was missing the entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI\ODBC Drivers
Once I added this, the driver showed up in ODBC Admin and I was able to create a DSN.

Not sure about the version of OpenEdge you’re using but we didn’t need any files copied to the clients. Just made sure the clients could access the drivers location on the OE server.

for our V8 with OE 10.1.b the registry needed:


I guess you could copy that DLL to the client and not require it load across the network every time.