Instead of Necroposting

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When one replys to a post, there is a button to the left of your icon. If you click on it:


you will find an option to " + Reply as linked topic." I think it’s available to all users, if not let me know. This is what I did for Utah’s post. I created a new topic title, even changed the Category, and it put a link to the original topic at the beginning of the reply.

Now it has its own thread, but one can always refer back to the original if needed.

Just a thought.



Does that notify the original posters? The times I necro post in the hopes that the original posters have something specific to contribute

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I don’t think so. This is where I would @someone if I wanted that.

To be clear, if it’s indeed related to the old post - go ahead and necropost. But often, it’s a tangential turn on the original post and those I would want to start fresh. I can’t count how many times I’ve dragged a post off-topic just to have it split later. :rofl:

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