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Currently we are using Microsoft Teams to keep a log all of our users tasks. We utilize Microsoft Teams Task Sets as our internal help desk log. We are exploring 3rd party help desk/ticket programs and I was wondering if anyone is using a program that directly integrates with Kinetic? Or a software that they like or dislike?.. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are keen on Zoho right now.

Thank you!

Back in the day (2012 or so), when our IT staff was the IT Manager (who did everything not named Epicor) and me (Epicor), we used Spiceworks. It did everything we needed it to do (logged emails, send emails, created reports, searchable) and didn’t need much care from us.

If Epicor Case Management could be taught/subverted/coerced into taking an email and creating a Call Entry record, it also might work. Haven’t ever tried it, but thought about it a couple of times.


We also used spiceworks and yeah case entry could probably work.

What does that mean to you?


I was going to ask the same thing and also what benefits there are from having the help desk integrated.

I’d imagine costing/billing, but that’s hypothetical. Just because you can integrate it, doesn’t mean it’s worth it to.


Separately, we did do a quick search of Help Desk services.

  • Spice Works is free. Can’t even buy a plan. So you know who the product is…
  • ZenDe$k. Everything is extra but it’s the Cadilac.
  • $erviceNow, which is what Epicor Uses (and @hkeric.wci excels in)
  • OneDesk was the most budget friendly. $9/Mo
  • FreshService was a surprising strong showing. $49/Agent but $39 for your ERP, Maintenance, and everyone else but IT.

A previous company I worked for used Lansweeper
Help Desk and IT Service Desk - Lansweeper IT Asset Management

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Since you brought up asset inventory, RunZero (formerly Rumble) is pretty amazing for identifying assets on-prem, in the cloud, alert on new assets, associate assets with current zero days, etc.

Their CTO is a part of the Metasploit Framework, so they KNOW how to find things on a network! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the sidetrack @JayR

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That was the great thing about Lansweeper, it had a good helpdesk plus did the asset inventory, remote desktop, etc.


Did it find non-Windows devices? Most of the asset managers I’ve seen in the past only reported details of Windows devices. They could find other items but not know how to check for current firmware, OS versions, etc. because they used WMI.

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:man_shrugging: I honestly don’t remember, I wasn’t on the infrastructure/systems side so didn’t mess with that area of Lansweeper much.

One of nice things about runZero is that it helps with zero day exploits. Yesterday, one showed up in the popular PaperCut printer administrator software. Taking a hardware/software inventory for compliance reasons is one thing. Being able to help mitigate security issues quickly is much better. :wink:

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I am currently using Zoho Desk and I like it quite a bit and I use it for all of my client requests.
I think it has a high potential of integrating with Kinetic with it’s API but there’s obvioulsy not plug and play prebuilt integrations so you’d have to setup everything.
I had a good experiance with Spiceworks, but I’d say it’s limited with integrating with much of anything.
And you could use Kinetic Case Management.


Thank you all for the insight! I appreciate you taking some time and helping out. We have just purchased Zoho and have been really liking the potential we see.


We use click up, handles all our development task , support tickets, how to’s. I personally rate it very highly. Also has good APIs and has a phone app.

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We just started using FreshService a few months ago for our IT department. We also use FreshDesk for other departments, such as Customer Experience, Tech Services, etc.


I really like Zendesk. Check it out, very configurable, yet usable almost out of the box.

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