Integration of Epicor 10 with Shopify Plus

Hi all. Rather than re-inventing the wheel as such, wondering if anyone has had any success in integrating Epicor 10 with Shopify Plus e-commerce. If so, would be keen to know how well it worked and which consultants were used.

We can then maybe reach out to them for a quote.



I had a couple clients that started down the eBridge Connections path and seemed to think it was a good fit. Depending on the scope of what you are trying to do it seems like they could be a good fit.

Thanks Dan.

I will look into e-Bridge. Whilst there some positive reviews on line for ebridge, there are some awful reviews as well.

Anyone else had experience with these guys that they can report back on?

@danbedwards The consultant for our site recommends ebridge also. I am curious if you have had any experience with ebridge connecting to Epicor Public SaaS? with how epicor controls access to SaaS (which I understand) would a product like this work?

Morning David,

Did this project go ahead? Do you need anymore recommendations? offers a Business Process Automation platform that manages the integration and the workflow automation. A very powerful and flexible platform with easy-to-use drag&drop interface.

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Hi Martin. After much work investigating our options we did not find anyone who had done anything to the level of work we were after. Plenty of people could do it, and plenty of people had done portions of what we were after, but in the end it was just as financially viable to build it with our local consultants who were helpful on costs and exposure to win the opportunity.

All of the companies we dealt with had strong points and we may use them for other projects down the track.

Having said that we did not look into codelessplatforms as an option, so cant comment on them.