Invalid change to part number error

We just did a patch upgrade about a week ago. Now I’ve been seeing an error sometimes in part entry where I’m trying to go to a new part number by typing the part number in the part number field, and it looks like it’s trying to change the part number instead of looking up the new part. I have to clear the screen to get it to work like it should after that. I’ve haven’t nailed down the pattern down yet as to when it happens. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I would guess it will be something to do with the BPM’s I have in place, but I didn’t change anything on that end, and now I am seeing this error.

What version are you on?

On 8.03.409C, in the process of upgrading to 10.2.200

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We are on and I just tested this. I did not have an issue. So not sure if .13 issue or if something else going one. The part num you are typing is correct; just have to ask. I have have users give me a part num and there end up being a space in front or end.

It’s intermittent, which makes trouble shooting it hard. It works fine most of the time. But after using the screen for a while, it starts to error out like this. If the part number isn’t correct, the expected behavior should be, it asks me if I want to make a new part number.