Invalid Ship To Customer


I’m trying to tick a customer shipment as shipped, but im getting error “Invalid Ship To Customer”, anyone have any ideas? I’ve already checked the customer and they are ticked as allow ship to.

does this tick means as it says one time only?

The method states you are changing the ShipTo. Is it possible it was changed before trying to ship?

No. It mean you allow the use of One Time Ship To if needed.

Is the sales order release marked “drop ship”? This needs to be untucked for a customer shipment entry.

We’ve had the Contact on the ShipTo somehow get either deleted or changed to something non-existing, and would get that error at the AR Invoicing stage. Fix was to go to the ShipTo’s Customer dropdown and select someone off the list. If there wasn’t anyone, we’d add a placeholder internal contact in Customer Entry, refresh the list, and select it.