Invalid Username / password

This one has caused my last hair to be ripped out
User gets invalid user or password when trying open Epicor
Computer has been rebooted, ProgramData Epicor folder deleted, Epicor folders deleted in the user’s AppData local and roaming folders and the Files in the version client folder have been replaced.

I can log into the user’s computer and launch epicor as them without issue. User can log into a different computer and launch epicor without issue - so this leads me to believe it is something in the user’s folder on the PC, but I don’t know where

anyone encounter this and have a solution?

Hi Bernie, I’ve ran into something similar to this before. This may not be the culprit here but worth checking if the domain user profile password has expired or if they’re on the network/VPN since you’re on prem.

Turns out the problem was in the shortcut pinned to taskbar - regular shortcut on start menu works fine


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