Inventory Advice Needed - Negative Bin Qtys

Looking for some advice. A client of mine has a bunch of items (15K ish) they have been putting them in bins and picking from there. As you can imagine, now they have about 3k of bins with a negative inventory balance. It has also been a very long time since they did a full inventory.

To get rid of the negative bins, should we do a DMT to get the values in the correct place? Or just do a cycle count?



If you do a DMT upload you would have to calculate for each par/bin combination the net change from Epicor’s current count to the actual count. If you do a cycle count Epicor will do this for you.

I would lean toward doing a cycle count, but keep in mind that you have to count all locations of a particular part – you can’t do a cycle count for just a set of bins.


You can actually do a DMT without doing any counting - if you’re just trying to remove the negative bins.

Just use Inventory Transfer DMT with the “From” bin being the one that has more than enough to cover the “To” bin.

For example, the system thinks part bin A101 has 100 of part ABC-123, and bin B202 has -50 of that part . An Inv Transfer of 50 From A101, To B202, will zero out that -50, and delete the PartBin record for “ABC-123 / B202”. No GL Trans will be created. The net QOH be for the transfer was 50 (100 in A101 + -50 in B202), and after it is 50 (50 in A101).

A Cycle Count or full Phys Inv would be the best as it would also get the right qty’s in the right bins, and account for any shrink.