Inventory movement report

I have a end user wanting to print out the inventory movement report from receipt tracker. I know we can print out this report from receipt entry. She stats that she used too, even with my admin rights i’m not able to. We are on version 10.1.600. I’m I missing something or can others users out there can print from receipt tracker.

I’m on 10.2.200 but I do see that option. Is it in your actions menu but disabled always?

From your screen shot it is also disabled just like ours is. Can you print from receipt tracker? On your screen shot I also appears greyed out.

Yup appears to be completely ignored by Epicor they must have broke it at some point. I customized it to work again though this should work for you. My version is 10.2.200 but the screen code is very basic to make it light up when dtls are loaded.

I did condense the code below by removing comments so if you can’t rig the export attached to import just copy paste the elements.

public static class Script
	private static EpiDataView edvRcvDtl;

	public static void InitializeCustomCode()
		Script.edvRcvDtl = ((EpiDataView)(Script.oTrans.EpiDataViews["RcvDtl"]));
		Script.edvRcvDtl.EpiViewNotification += new EpiViewNotification(Script.edvRcvDtl_EpiViewNotification);

	public static void DestroyCustomCode()
		Script.edvRcvDtl.EpiViewNotification -= new EpiViewNotification(Script.edvRcvDtl_EpiViewNotification);
		Script.edvRcvDtl = null;

	private static void edvRcvDtl_EpiViewNotification(EpiDataView view, EpiNotifyArgs args)
		if ((args.NotifyType == EpiTransaction.NotifyType.Initialize))
			baseToolbarsManager.Tools["PrintInventoryMovementTool"].SharedProps.Enabled = (args.Row > -1);

App.ReceiptEntry.ReceiptEntryForm_Customization_WCI_ReceiptTracker_v1_CustomExport.xml (5.7 KB)

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I would also be a good citizen and report this to Epicor as a bug see what they say.

Thank you very much for the code. I did reach out to Epicor i.e. they stated “System Limitation”.

“System Limitation” as in they want that disabled for security purposes? If that’s not the case then they are full of crap, it’s simply disabled because the menu record is set as a tracker (which makes it read only) and they did not explicitly enable that button again. Receipt Tracker and Receipt Entry are the same assembly. Reviewed the code in dnSpy I can see where they enable the other buttons but don’t enable that one.

Thanks Joshua! I used your line of code to do the same.