Inventory not updating correctly

We are on version 5.20.305. We set up the system 12/31/98. We ran a report
as of 01/01/85 and it shows 11 parts with a value of $17,568.14 (no negative
balances). Funny thing, this is about the amount I had to adjust from my WIP
report when the calculation for WIP was corrected. I don't know if this
problem is related, but we installed Version 5.1 on 03/02/02. We installed
Patch 116, 117, 118, and 119 by 03/26/02. When the WIP report was ran for
03/31/02, the Subcontract column was off by over $15,000. Support said it
was probably a patch installed and one other customer reported the problem.
They said the report was not calculating correctly and I shouldn't make any
adjustments to the GL until they fixed the problem. Well, it took a lot of
whining, screaming, etc., but it was supposedly fixed on Patch 305. However,
I had to adjust Subcontract WIP by $17,745.57 to agree to the GL.
Coincidence or fact?

Have a nice day!
Karen Brodniak
Accounting Manager
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