Inventory Transaction Types List

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Is there a place we can get full list of all Inventory related transaction codes listed ?

Open the Wip/Recon report, and go to the Filter -> Tran Type tab


if you want a listing and explanation for each, see the
“Epicor ERP, Inventory Transactions, Technical Reference Guide”


Here’s a link… (requires EpicWeb access)

Great Thanks you Calvin…

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another place for all types, Application Help for Part Transaction History


I’m looking through this document. I want to be able to determine running quantity / balance like Part Tran History Tracker does. Does anything in the document say if a transaction type has a positive or negative effect on the running total balance?

Search this forum - the same thing has been done and shared a couple of times already.

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Thank you I found it here:
I’m going to write an SQL query to calculate the running balance up to a date then share it on this site.

you can use this BAQ to extract the SQL code if you want as i can see you are on an erlier Epicor Version