Inventory Transfer with shared warehouse creates STK-PLT and PLT-STK trans. Why?



We have two sites set up and several shared warehouses.
If I do an inventory transfer from a shared warehouse to a warehouse that is native to the destination site (not shared), the transactions goes through just fine but rather than creating STK-STK transactions, it is creating a STK-PLT and PLT-STK transactions. This would make sense if I was processing a transfer order but shared warehouses are available to both sites and should just be a STK-STK.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I don’t use shared warehouses, but the rule on STK-STK vs STK-PLT is based on the GL account. So I’m guessing if the sites flex the division to a different account, that’s causing it.

So, if I go from 1300.RID.00 to 1300.RID.00, it’s STK-STK.

If it’s 1300.RID.00 to 1300.PDC.00, it’s STK-PLT (and PLT-STK).

(RID and PDC are my “division” or “site” segments.)

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I believe if the transfer between site is STK-PLT/PLT-STK and within the same plant its STK-STK. STK-STK with the same plant can have different GL account if the warehouses have different Division segment.