Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report hangs

We have been having issues with the Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report hanging in the task agent almost 50% of the time when we run it. As a result, we must stop and start the system including disconnecting from the DB. Then when we start the report after this it will run fine. This started in 10.0 and has been an issue on all upgrades including our current Can anyone point me in a direction that I should focus on to try and fix this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How much time does it run before you cancel it? How much does it take to complete after the restart?

I would suggest enabling Server Logging and also take a look at Epicor related events in windows Event Viewer.

Usually we give it a couple of hours before we cancel it and when it does work it only takes about 15 minutes or less. Server logging we will enable and see what if anything shows up. Thx.