Inventory/WIP Reconciliation Report

For E10 on SQL, is there the ability to add fields to the Inventory/WIP reconciliation Report? Such as PO #, PO Line # , Pack Slip #, and Pack Slip Line #? I really want to move away from the pack and supplier concatenate, and I realized excel has the data to columns option, but it one would think that my request above isn’t out of line of what is needed on this report.
I wasn’t able to find a way while we were in E9 Prog, so I’m very hopeful that Epicor has done something fantastic in E10 to correct this deficiency.
Thank you for any help.

Short answer is no, I don’t think there is some fantastic easy way to do this.

For us, we ended up with some BAQs of the transaction tables for when we need more than what is on the inv/wip report.

If you want to take some time to make the report show more, this post might be helpful.

Mike, thanks. I have done BAQ activity as well in the past. At times, the BAQs didn’t pick up all the data that shows up on WIP report. But I will try this step once again using subquery this time.
After all these years of producing new releases, it’s amazing Epicor never included more fields in this report. Frustrating.

Thanks for the response