Inventory / WIP reconciliation seems to be geared towards jobs, is there something that shows GL transactions for a receipt?

Hello All,

I love the way the WIP report shows transactions related to jobs…

Is there a report that shows the GL transactions that happened for a particular PO receipt? Or something related?

You got a filter on there by accident? It should show all PartTran items for the month (or whatever range).

Also, title says Inv/WIP recon report, so I am going off that and not the “Work in Process” report…

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Right on, I didn’t try to run it actually, I just was hoping I could filter by more than the job number and the GL account, otherwise running it wide open for a fiscal period is going to bring a lot of junk I don’t want to see.

If – IF – you are sure that you only need to look at certain transaction types (PUR-STK, PUR-UKN, etc.), filter by those to make the report go MUCH faster.

The GL account is calculated only after running through every possible transaction in the date range (and other filters), so “filtering” by GL acct. does not save you any time.

I say this because at month end when the capture has not been done yet, this report takes about an hour when run wide open for us – I have a nightly task for it to ease some of the pain.

And if you are just doing dev work on a test DB (again, IF), go and run capture COS/WIP for all of the existing transactions, so that when you want to see the effects of YOUR tests, it doesn’t have to calculate for those.

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