Invoice on Hold

I have 2 sales orders that were credit card orders. When we “shipped” them the system created the AR invoice and charged the credit card. However, the system put each of the invoices on hold and created an AR Invoice Entry Group for each of them. The credit card payment was not applied to the invoices, but I can see the payment in the customer tracker. When I go to print preview the AR Invoice Group Edit List I get the following message: “taxes need to be calculated before printing invoice”.

We do have Avalara and I can’t see either of these transactions in Avatax.

Has anyone bumped into this?

Is Ready to Calculate checked?

You can enable this on all invoices in the group from the actions menu.

Look at the sales orders, check if ready to process is enabled, this will calculate the tax.

Ready to Calculate is checked on the invoice and Ready to Process is checked on the sales order.

We have credit card shipments daily. In fact, when these 2 happened, 2 others were processed and they didn’t end up on hold.

I checked to make sure the orders weren’t marked Time & Material and they were not.

Not sure what drove these to be on hold.