Invoicing a make to order

Please help us settle an argument. When you have a make to order job, is the only way to close the job is to invoice it?

nope. you can close it whenever you want. Generally you want to invoice before you close it (if you want to invoice it), but you can close the job whenever you want.

Whether it should be closed… That’s probably a different argument.

edit: and invoicing doesn’t close the job unless you have an auto close process set up (we don’t use auto close because we don’t anything the same way twice… ever… :man_facepalming:) .


Make direct Job once shipped the cost will move out of WIP and go to COGS. If you use auto close then this will close it. Invoicing is related more to the customer shipment than the Job. Invoicing is the recognition of revenue for those COGS on a shipment whether it comes from inventory, job, purchase direct or drop shipment does not make the invoice method behave different they are all shipment invoices. Hopefully that helps.

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