IRS Redesigned 1099-MISC 2020

Just a heads-up for those who next year plan to use the 1099-MISC 2020 Revision, you will need to make changes to your SSRS Style and also Review your 1099 Form Configuration in Epicor.

IRS Redesigned Form 1099-MISC (2020)

Due to the creation of Form 1099-NEC, we have revised Form 1099-MISC and rearranged box numbers for reporting certain income.

Changes in the reporting of income and the form’s box numbers are listed below.

  • Payer made direct sales of $5,000 or more (checkbox) in box 7.
  • Crop insurance proceeds are reported in box 9.
  • Gross proceeds to an attorney are reported in box 10.
  • Section 409A deferrals are reported in box 12.
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation income is reported in box 14.
  • Boxes 15, 16, and 17 report state taxes withheld, state identification number, and amount of income earned in the state, respectively.



Also Know that Epicor comes with the 2015 1099 Version according to the help docs.
Standard US - 1099-MISC 2015-SSRS


Thank you for this post Haso! I did receive a new US-PrtAP1099.rdl file from Epicor for our 2020 - 1099 Form that I hope is okay to share with everyone.

I created a new Report Style like Standard US - 1099-MISC 2020-SSRS and uploaded the .rdl file below to our Custom Report location for that report style.

US-PrtAP1099.rdl (82.3 KB)


I received the Support Communication from Epicor this morning alerting to the redesigned 1099 form for 2020; a nice reminder to start the task to update the form manually since are still on 10.1.500…

This thread will come in handy for that purpose, so I am adding my reply to bubble it up. There will probably be some other folks doing the same, I suspect. This is a good starting point…



Heather - I am trying to create a custom Report Style for the 1099-Misc using the new file you shared and am not able to see my new custom report style in the drop down list when using “Print 1099 Forms US”. Is there a trick to get a custom report style to show here? I have created other custom report styles for various reports and have never run across this issue.

Report ID is 1099 / Report Service is Erp:Rpt:Prcs1099

Hi Debbie,

You need to add your new Report Style to PrtAP1099 in order for it to show up on the “Print 1099 Forms US”. It’s a little wonky the way they named the Report Style for that Form…


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THANK YOU!! For some reason my Report was called PrtAP1099CE but once I added my new custom report style to this I was able to see it in the drop down and print.

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Heather - You didn’t happen to customize the 1099-NEC for 2020 and if you did would you be willing to share the SSRS file?

I’m sorry I have not customized that report…