Is anyone exporting shipping data from Vantage

Yes we are importing using ODBC into Pitney Bowes Ascent quite successfully
for the last few weeks. We contracted with Vantage custom programming to
provide the import of shipping charges into misc charges in Vantage but
haven't started using that yet. The initial setup was done (incorrectly) by
Pitney Bowes technical people but was fairly easy to correct and adapt.
Once we shifted to READ UNCOMMITTED mode on the SQL92 driver, everything has
worked without error.

The only down side to the import is the use of ODBC and the reduced security
for your database (in terms of allowing pretty much open access) but that is
there usually anyway.

Mercer Sisson
Insaco Inc

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Is anyone exporting shipping data from Vantage into a freight
software package such as UPS Worldwide or Yellow Freight's PC
Resource package?

If so how successful has it been. What process are you using and
what have been the limitations.

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