Is Backward Scheduling possible when Running Global Scheduler?

Does anyone know if its possible to have the system backward schedule WHEN you run the global Scheduler. All of the tests I have done within our pilot database only result in jobs being forward scheduled. I can only force a backward when we schedule EACH job individually…which is a time consuming and impractical option…has anyone run into this? Am I missing a checkbox or option somewhere? I also find that even when I change the priority number that the system assigns (within “Adjust Global Scheduling Order”) the system seems to ignore this and gives me the same scheduling result…

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time!

Do you have “Finite Capacity” checked on your resources?

no, we are running with Infinite capacity, with the plan to use the finite option on bottle neck areas that are causing capacity issues.

Company/Site/Plant (I can never remember which one) Configuration has the dictation of which direction is used by default. Poke around in there until you find the option and make sure its set to Backward. If it is then check your Schedule Priorities to make sure none of those are set as Forward.

Hi Josh

Thanks for the input…unfortunately I have already gone through those options and settings, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Under Company configuration, and the production module, it doesn’t give any option with regards to forward or backward scheduling. Under Site Maintenance, it gives you a time option for when Backwards scheduling will start (time of day) but when I read through the field help this doesn’t force the system to Backward schedule, just the time of day its backwards schedules from WHEN you force a backward schedule at the job level. When I load all of the jobs into “Adjust Global Scheduling Order” every job has “backwards” option highlighted…

I even have the “Allow scheduling before today” selected in the Company Configuration so that it will allow the jobs to be scheduled in the past - Just to see if it is backward scheduling…but anytime I run the Global it moves all of the start dates to the current date…

Not sure what I am missing or doing wrong - Still new to Epicor - I used Visual Enterprise for many years before getting into Epicor - But not being able to Backward schedule when using Global seems strange to me (unless a Job will end up late, then by all means schedule it forward so i know how late it will be)

Anyway…any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

If this is set as backwards (see site maint screenshot), and you are running global with finite, and the specific job is not set to forward and it’s still scheduling forward I would be very surprised. How many jobs are in your test database? I would make sure that when testing you have maybe 5-6 jobs in there and none of them are late. If you schedule them they should end on their Req By Date.

interesting…what version are you running? I do not have that drop down on mine see below: get with the times man! Though since 9 backwards has worked so even without that default option you should be getting backwards scheduling. In a test environment delete all of your jobs except 5 and start troubleshooting with those 5.

Yeah looks like we are living in the past…like you said it shouldn’t really make a difference, so i will just have to start experimenting and testing more within our test environment.

Thanks for taking the time to get back, much appreciated!

Hi Adam,

Is there a way to get ahold of you email or something? It sounds like we are working on similar things, would be nice to bounce ideas off someone in the feature.

Hi Lindsey

Yes we can certainly bounce some ideas back and forth, happy to do it! Do you know how to PM within this forum? not sure how and would rather not post my email for all to see ha ha!

just FYI, private messaging is limited to users with trust level 3. You can see what you are by your badges. Basic is 1,Member is 2, Regular is 3. I think the idea behind limiting it was to try and combat problems with over zealous consultants, plus, conversations shared in the open are beneficial to the whole community. Others that need to share their e-mail generally just use some sort of masking technique, and you can edit your post once the other party gets the e-mail. (I didn’t decide any of this, I’m just relaying information).

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Thanks Brandon I appreciate that info! Still new to this forum so finding my way around, but everything you mentioned makes complete sense!

And, if you’re feeling Geeky, there is a Chrome extension that will let you exchange private data on the forum:

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have you checked the selected option on this Adam,

i am working on this project as well guys, at stage one (Infinite scheduling), if anyone interested, i have posted an operation scheduling topic previously

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adam let me know when you are on I will share my email then delete it after you receive it.

good to go


got it!