Is EpicWiki still out there?

I was updating my list of useful Epicor websites with the information in the EpicHelp forum and ran across my folder with information on EpicWiki. I tried to logon to it and got an “EpicWiki has a problem (can’t contact the database server. The server requested authentication method unknown to the client (localhost))” message. I don’t think much was updated in the wiki past Vantage 8.03.4xx. Does anyone know if it’s been removed?

btw…LOVE the new EpicHelp site!!

Not sure…
that site was started by Mark Wonsil back in 2010… I am not sure if it still active or not. I don’t think ti gained enough support. I also haven’t seen Mark join here yet… He hasn’t been active in the yahoo group since January… so maybe he is out of the Epicor game?

What was EpicWiki?

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Thanks for the note about EpicWiki. EpicWiki is a basic Wikipedia site using the WikiMedia software. I will check to see what the error is. In order to make any Wiki useful, you need content and the content needs to be organized so people can find it. I was working on some “templates” for various types of Wiki articles: bug, release, How-Do-I, What does this Field Do?, etc. Once the template is done, the next important thing is linking people get used to jumping around easily.

I will check on the error message and get back to the group.