Is it not possible to add a new filter to a copy of a standard ssrs report?

I guess I have only ever added “new report criteria set” on a BAQ RDD. I assumed I should be able to add it on a copy of a standard report too but its greyed out. Does that mean the only way to get a new filter on an existing report is to rebuild it from scratch as a BAQ report? That isn’t even really a solution because a separate BAQ report style will not show up in the drop down with the other report styles. Is there some other way to do this I’m missing?

Hi Alisa,

Unless something’s changed from my version (10.1.600) to yours in regards to this, then yes. You cannot just add a filter via report tools. However, you can do something like this with a bpm: Add another filter to the Work in Process report options - #17 by Jason_Woods

I did use this methodology once and it was a whole lot better than a full BAQ report to do similar function.



Nice! Thank you for locating that example, it might work to do it that way.

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