Is it possible to apply a miscellaneous charge per quantity on a line?

Customer orders quantity 3 of assembly A and quantity 4 of assembly B. If we provide a service per unit (burning incense an chanting, for example) at a price $100each for A and $200 for B, is there any way to show miscellaneous line charges of quantities 3 and 4, respectively? Making it a single charge technically works, but then someone has to do the math and change the value if the order quantity goes up/down.

I know it can be done with a separate release per item, but unrealistic if the quantity is 100. An alternative is to make part numbers (paganblessing010 and paganblessing011) and include them as lines, but then I have to ship them to invoice, meaning I have to either have them in inventory or I have to create and build a job.

You can make them non-quantity bearing if you want. But I’m not sure how the cost would work out on that, since you are going to make the value on the line. We have stock paint as a non-quantity bearing part number with the value of 1 unit = $1, then then adjust the quantity as required. I would imagine you can do something similar in your orders.

It could get ugly if your line Qty’s were high, but you could add a Misc Charge (Amount type) for each of the line Qty.

Or make a BPM that adjusts the single Misc charge, based on the Ord Qty. Ideally, the BPM would look up the Misc Charge and use the default value as the “per unit” charge.