Is it possible to make operations for less than the full order quantity?

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One large subset of parts that I make jobs for has to receive a heat treat testing before beginning process. Currently they have me do this by creating a heat treat operation before any of our in house procedures, make the order quantity for the sample lot, and then change it to the total quantity after receipt of the heat treat certifications. My question is, is it possible to designate certain operations for only a percentage of the total parts, so that Epicor would complete that operation when only the parts that need to go out for testing are received?

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You could make that operation a fixed quantity. You would have to change it on every job if the quantity will change, but that should give you what you want.

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Just thinking out loud. Could you add a level to your BOM and make the heat treated parts lot tracked? You would be able to use the standard inspection process to hold parts for testing. Scrap any parts used for destructive testing (if any) and then move them to stock. Making them lot tracked would capture the heat treat number for traceability. Issue as needed per order.

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is there anyway to build a fixed operation into a part method using a percentage basis? if not I could just make it 30 pieces since that is what its generally around

I know our process engineering department is in the middle of building a lot tracking system, but if I’m being honest our BOMS are jacked up right now, everyday we find more problems to fix with them. And out Quality inspection process operates entirely outside of Epicor currently…

I’m sure it could be accomplished with a BPM, but natively I do not think it can.

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Okay, Thanks for your help!