Is it possible to override a native Kinetic row rule?

I would like to add a UD field to existing grid and make it editable.
The problem is that whole grid row is Disabled because of native row rule.

Is it possible to override it?

If I can’t make my UD field editable then quickest solution/workaround I can think on is to add another view which will be copy of disabled view.

What screen is this?

I think you can just copy the row rule, set your conditions, and yours should be in a later order than the native one.

Not 100% on that though.

If one Rule (native) is disabling row then another one (mine) can’t enable it. At least I did not found any way to set “Enabled” for column or row in Row Rules. So even if my rule will override (or rather will be executed after) the native one, the row and/or column will remain Disabled. Am I wrong or right?

Answer this so I can compare apples with apples, and maybe I can poke it and find out.

Customer Credit Manager. Tab Activity, grid Orders.

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Did you manage to found something?

No, they kept me in meetings or working yesterday.

I found a solution for this particular case. I created copy of Rule, then in “Except these columns” I added my UD column which was previously disabled and voila - it works, column is Enabled.

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That’s what I was gonna test. Glad that worked!