Is there a list of reusable combo's somewhere?

Does anyone know if there is a list of the reusable combo’s and what data they pull in? Or how I can find that info. I’m trying to pull in the person/contact data for a drop down and the person.personcombo that I would’ve expected to pull this data in isn’t pulling anything in. I’m wondering if there’s somewhere I can go to get this information to see what it should be pulling.

You didn’t specify whether you are doing a classic or kinetic customization. I classic, you can click on epiRetrieverCombo, and when you go to place the control, you get a whole list of retrievers. Is that what you’re looking for?


Here’s the personCombo from the list. I didn’t do anything but drop it on there and specify which combo I wanted.

My bad, I’m doing a kinetic customization but I just realized I can find the information I needed in the API help documentation. Looks like there’s a reusable combo box for Person but not Person/Contact like I was hoping

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