Is there a "Read Only" Admin Console available?

Has anyone ever built a dashboard so user can see who has sessions without having to use the admin console? We have develop an annoying issue where all the managers have access to the Epicor admin console and since we only have 8 licenses it becomes a constant issue of managers kicking people off so they can use a seat. Often managers will open Remote Desktop to the server and leave it open on their computers. They don’t seem to realize that we need the server for more than just license juggling.
I’d like to create a read only dashboard that would show who is using a seat of Epicor, then the managers would have to call and ask people to release a seat. I would lock out the Epicor server password and never give it out again.
Is anything like this possible?

This is right in Epicor should give you what you need.

never mind you are in Epicor 9… according to your profile so this will not work.

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Thanks. We are currently implementing 10.2.600 and plan to go live May 3 this year. With the change I won’t even open the door to letting anyone onto the servers again. It’s like children with kitchen knives.

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Yeha there’s no reason for anyone other than system admin to need admin console

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In E10, the SysActivityLog table holds logon and logoff info:

They’re typically in pairs (of Key2) when the user has logged off. An entry with a single Key2 value (like the top row) indicates a logon without a logoff.


Not exactly sure what the “Delete x stale sessions…” Entry means

Thanks. I’ve copied the Session Management menu item to the Status Dashboards menu under Executive Analysis. I’m restricting access to BAM. System Setup and System Maintenance menus to all users except IT. The managers can access all the other menu items. Sadly, control freaks aren’t born, they’re created.