Is there a Status field for Sales Order

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Our legacy system has an Order Status field which contains a series of codes that lets the user know where in the process the order is. For example:

10 - order is confirmed – we have a PO
20 - order is in manufacturing process (if a manufactured item)
30 - order is on a sales order pick list
40 - order is packed (awaiting shipment)
50 - order is shipped
60 - order is invoiced

Is there any such field in Epicor? This field is on the sales backlog report that everyone uses to track orders and I am not quite sure how to re-create it in Epicor.

Thanks for whatever information you have.



Attached is a schema made by I believe Sean McDaniel on the old Yahoo group that I use every day.


We drive ours from some date UD Fields on Order Head and a custom written report. So, it could look something like this. But I think with your requirements, you could probably even work mostly (entirely?) with existing tables / statuses in Epicor:

10 - order confirmed - In Epicor, the OrderHed.PONum field is set to something non-blank
20 - order in mfg - In Epicor, you would look at JobProd table (JobProd.OrderNum, JobProd.OrderLine, JobProd.OrderRel). You could further look to see if the job is released to production (JobHead.JobReleased = true) or even a step further to see if there is labor on it if you record labor to your jobs.
30 - on SO pick list - not sure what exactly this means, I’m thinking it would mean the ship date (RequiredDate) is today. Orders in Epicor show up on a SO picklist on the date the releases are set to ship.
40 - Order packed - In Epicor, does a shipment (ShipHed) exist that is related to the sales order (this is on the lines of the pack, ShipDtl)
50 - Order Shipped - you could look at the status of the related Pack (ShipHed) or just cheat and see if the order, order lines, or order releases are closed.
60 - Order is invoiced - there is a related invoice (InvcDtl.OrderNum is equal to your order). You might want to ensure the invoice is posted (InvcHed.Posted?) (1.9 MB)

I had to add a txt extension to the zip file.

Thanks to both of you,. I hope to know enough some day to be useful to others…


@skhayatt What did you end up with to accomplish order status’s? I made a post recently about how there is an order status field on ERP.OrderHed that is not used.

Based on our business process (shipping prints the pick list and the pack slip at the same time), we can infer that if there is a pack slip (visible in Order tracker), then the order is in the picking process. If it’s invoiced (also visible in Order tracker), it’s been shipped (we invoice our shipments every day). We decided not to worry about the few hours between shipping an invoicing.