Is there a way to copy and paste my bill of materials from my bill of materials table either from Excel or from the drawings themselves? Currently, I am adding each part and quantity one by one,

Could I copy-paste my bill of materials from my BOM table either from Excel or directly from the drawings? At present, I am adding each part and quantity one by one. I wish Baan had the capability to allow me to copy and paste my BOM table from either a drawing or an Excel file.
Any suggestions for a better method would be greatly appreciated.

You can go into the list view after adding the first part and right click and paste insert or paste update.

Keep in mind that when you are paste inserting (new lines) or paste update (update the current lines) the columns need to match.

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In Engineering Workbench, you can load a csv file to a revision.


The file layout:


If the part does not exist, Kinetic will add it. You will have to fill in other details later.


Thanks very much. Is there any way we can do the same way so we can create the group of new part in part maintenance?

DMT is the best way to import a group of new parts.


Thank you Sache235. Do you have any idea or any way we can create the mass of the new part numbers in Epicor instead of creating them one by one from part maintenance?

It works really well! I can attest (finally!). :slight_smile:

I can concur with @Mark_Wonsil and @NateS, the DMT tool is the best option (I presently know of) for mass creation/modification of Data in Epicor.

You might try something like this (in a test sytem first)
Creating a CSV for a BOM that contain all the part numbers you want in Epicor.
Import that CSV in EWB BOM and the BASIC part masters should be created at the same time.
After the part masters have been added, you’d probably want to use updateable BAQ(s) to “flesh out” some of the details in those part masters?