Is there a way to default the Document Type on any given screen in Kinetic?

For example, in purchase order entry, if they add an attachment, I want the drop down list to automatically select the Purchase Order document type without them having to make the correct choice.


I know in classic, you can expose the document type node in the tree, and then teach the users to drag the attachments onto that node. Great. But in Kinetic you can’t drag attachments onto a tree so where does that leave us? I’ve been poking around application studio but can’t find the attachment slide out panel which makes me thinks its not exposed for customization. Any other ideas?

I’ve not tried this in Kinetic, but in Classic you could have a little control over it using the Document Type Control Maintenance menu item. I wonder - It won’t make it exclusive, but it may set the default value.

Unfortunately it doesn’t - even when you use document type control to tie it to a specific table, when you click to add a new attachment to that table, you still have to pick the right document type out of the drop down list.

That’s too bad.

Looks like an Epicor Idea is needed to enhance attachments in Kinetic interface. :slight_smile:

You could try creating a BPM on Post GetNewWhatever and set the DocTypeID there.
(Was just looking at the Part screen, so adjust to PO or whatever)

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