Is there a way to restrict who can make transactions from SMI Bins?

We have some employees who are material handlers (they issue material at point of use in the shop), who continue to mistakenly issue from a Supplier Managed bin when they should be issuing from the bin in their area. This is causing headaches for purchasing, finance and the supplier. Is there a way to restrict transactions from a supplier managed bin to a select group of employees? We have trained and retrained and still they make this mistake. The bins have very different names 0002 vs FUTURE.
Looking for guidance.

BPM is about all I can think of for that granular level. You would likely want to create a security group for the people that can, and the BPM would need to look up if a bin currently being transacted is SMI if it is and they are part of the group let it happen if not kick it out.

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Another BPM based idea would be to have the BPM make the list of locations they can choose from not even include the SMI locations.

That way they wouldn’t choose a SMI, get warned that it didn’t go through, have to change it and try again.

There’s a few threads on here for hiding values in lists like ShipVia, ProdGrp, etc. They involve tweaking the WhereClause in the GetList method


Heres an example

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That’s like Epicor’s menu security in Kinetic for a while though. If you know the menu ID you could still get to it. You could do that but people would work around it. Still need to restrict the transaction at best or the selection of that bin if there is an OnChange event you can hook.

Thank you.

Thank you for the detail.